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Active Textbook® Is a Success at eLearnExpo

The international e-Learning exhibition and conference, eLearnExpo, in Moscow was a smashing success! Amongst the 80 presentations made by both local and international experts, the Active Textbook® team was presented with the best debut award. The features and sleek design of the new Active Textbook® left the crowd thoroughly impressed. More details are available here.

Evident Point - Gold Sponsor at IDPF Digital Book 2012 conference.

Evident Point will join the discussion of recent trends in digital publishing and present products and technologies developed by our company at the IDPF Digital Book conference. We will showcase the latest version of Active Textbook® platform designed and promoted by Evident Point and the Readium project by IDPF where our team is leading the development efforts.

Evident Point - IDPF partnership

Evident Point was delighted to partner with IDPF to develop the initial Readium proof-of-concept, and we look forward to continued engagement on this important project to advance the Open Web for digital publishing.

Success at Catalyst For Science and CUEBC conferences

Active Textbook® was recently featured at the CUEBC and Catalyst For Science conferences. Our team demonstrated the Active Textbook® platform for teachers and school district representatives. There is a strong need for technologies that enable teachers to design and distribute digital courseware. Active Textbook® attracted a lot of attention for that reason! Education professionals appreciated how Active Textbook® is easy to use and has powerful authoring and publishing functionality. New contacts established during CUEBC and Catalyst will allow us to bring Active Textbook® to new schools and school districts.

EvidentPoint CommunicAsia 2011 Report

Evident Point exhibited at CommunicAsia 2011. This event was a success for us. We met and discussed opportunities for cooperation with representatives of world's leading corporations and government agencies - Alcatel-Lucent, NOKIA, National Instruments, Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore, Indochina Telecommunication Technology and many others. We were also very glad to see many educational institutions such as Asia Pacific College, University of Wollongong, The Principals Academy Inc (PAI) interested in Active Textbook® platform by Evident Point. Altogether, we expect that our participation in CommunicAsia will result in new projects, contacts and ideas for Evident Point and our business partners.

Active Textbook® team participates in NAFSA 2011 and prepares for CommunicAsia

Active Textbook® team has participated and exhibited in NAFSA 2011 from May 29th to June 3rd in Vancouver. The team reports that NAFSA was an exciting event full of educators and students from all around the world. Active Textbook® was a unique presence bringing software for educators and got to connect with many educators and representatives from educational institutions from various parts of the world. Also, the team is preparing to participate in CommunicAsia in Singapore from June 21st to June 24th. The team hopes to gain knowledge and exposure to educational technologies presented at this conference.

A new version of the Active Textbook® platform is released by Evident Point

May 3rd, 2011 - Our latest product, the Active Textbook® platform, keeps evolving with new improvements which were introduced in the newly released version. Sample textbooks in Active Textbook® format and more information about this product are available on the dedicated website -

Active Textbook® is a platform to create and enhance digital books with interactivity and multimedia, delivering them to readers online.

The platform contains:
  • a comprehensive and easy to use authoring tool for publishers
  • a server to publish the enriched books
  • a web-based interface for readers to access books on the server

Active Textbook® platform incorporates solutions for different types of content:


Active Textbook® provides an opportunity to create a truly unique courseware based on existing textbooks. Video files, audio tracks, comments - it's all there in digital textbooks created with Active Textbook®. Active Textbook® also allows educators to integrate quizzes with the content; obtain students feedback and keep updating the materials with one mouse click. Students can access these enriched textbooks online, make notes and highlights in their copy, add bookmarks, take quizzes and share their comments without changing the original text.

Annotated texts

Active Textbook® is an efficient instrument for augmenting existing documents by adding another layer of content and comments to any text. Historical sources, great literary works and legal documents can all be annotated with Active Textbook®. New indexes, references, hyperlinks and multimedia elements can clarify and emphasize the meaning of the original document.


Active Textbook® empowers publishers to transform electronic documents into interactive e-books with a powerful yet easy to use authoring tool. Existing digital materials (PDF, XPS or MS Word format) can be used as a starting point for an e-book with Active Textbook®. Exciting interactive e-books with multimedia content can be created and delivered on-line faster than ever.

Altogether, Active Textbook® platform encourages an entirely new perception of digitally published materials and opens new opportunities for the readers who interact with the text using the Active Textbook® viewer.

Evident Point CES 2011 Report
Pierre Burns, VP Marketing Evident Point Software

This was the second year in a row Evident Point decided to visit the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and we were not disappointed.

The show is a massive event with over 140,000 industry attendees, over 2700 companies and over 20,000 products on display.

The talk of the show was the sheer number of new tablets demoed. Over 75 tablets were on display, not surprisingly, since Forrester has just amended their previous estimates on tablet adoption. The new estimate is that tablet sales will double this year in the US to 24.1 million units with Apple still holding a commanding lead. Full article here.

Evident Point was there to speak to the vendors and discuss the latest developments in the areas of our expertise: e-publishing software, conversion software, e-reading and e-paper. The timing was right as Evident Point Software had just completed very significant Window 7 tablet applications for the most recognized names in the e-publishing industry: Newspaper Direct and Zinio.

Additionally we had several opportunities to talk about our new Active Textbook® product for the Educational industry. Active Textbook® is a truly innovative way for teachers, instructors and professors to enrich the experience of a traditional digital textbook.

While there were some rumors that we may get a mention from Steve Balmer at the Microsoft opening keynote speech at the CES, unfortunately we did not get our moment of fame. However, considering the huge amount of innovations Microsoft reported on during the keynote it is not a surprise that Kinect, Surface computing, and Windows 7 phone product announcements took center stage during the hour long display.

Other items for fans looking to attend next year were the impressive spectacles put on by the large consumer electronic vendors. SONY especially had an impressive pavilion with a 2 story 3D monitor and music/video light show.

Lastly, celebrity spotters were not disappointed as rapper 50 Cent made an appearance at the CES promoting his own line of headphones called SLEEK.

Evident Point will most likely be back again next year, and we will again have a full report.

For more info on the CES 2011 show visit

For more information about Evident Point Software please visit

Telerik reveals Silverlight client for Facebook developed by Evident Point

Telerik puts the Silverlight-based client F!acedeck at it's front for Facebook. The product, formerly known as "Microsoft Silverlight Client for Facebook Beta" was initially developed by Evident Point for Microsoft.

"We are very proud that our code is featured so prominently on the web site of one the best .NET technological companies. It is great evidence of the quality of our development." says Yuri Khramov, President of Evident Point.

Digital textbooks enhance interaction

Taipei, Taiwan / TAIWAN FOCUS News Channel - Mr. Khramov gives press conference on digital books and Active Textbook® at Canadian Trade Office, as his company, Evident Point, seeks cooperation with the leading Taiwanese makers of tablets, smart phones and digital reading devices. For the details please see here.

Evident Point Software announces Strategic Partnership with top Vancouver Interactive Design and Usability Firm, Analytic Design Group

Analytic Design Group (ADGi) is a very well respected interactive design firm that works with top brands and agencies (Telus, AT&T, BC Hydro, Translink and others). Evident Point's new strategic partnership with Analytic Design Group will allow both companies the opportunity to leverage the strengths of one another to provide the ability to attract and secure much larger and more complex projects.

"The partnership with ADGi is a very timely move for Evident Point. We are experts in custom software development and increasingly our customers are looking for extensive software usability and interactive design expertise. This partnership ensures that we are able to still focus on what we do best but still meet the ever evolving and expanding needs of our clients." says Yuri Khramov, President of Evident Point.

"In establishing a partnership with Evident Point, we believe we have found a development partner with the same passion for the mobile and software application space as well as the drive for excellence as we do," says Karyn Zuidinga, Principal at Analytic Design Group. "I look forward to seeing our work implemented with the same obsessive attention to detail as we used in designing it."

About Analytic Design Group: Analytic Design Group Inc. (ADGi) is a visionary user experience consulting firm with proven strategic, research, and design skills to revolutionize your online presence. Headquartered in Vancouver, Analytic Design Group Inc. was established in 2005. The company has been growing steadily each year, with increasing revenues and repeat engagements with our clients.

Evident Point Software Corp. is pleased to announce the official release of its Active Textbook® eLearning application

VANCOUVER, May 26 /PRNewswire/ - The announcement was made at the recent Learning Impact 2010 conference in Long Beach California this week held by IMS Global Impact, an organization dedicated to the development and adoption of innovative technologies to improve and transform education worldwide.

Active Textbook® lets educators, authors and publishers create electronic textbooks that offer learning experiences enhanced with multimedia and interactivity.

Features of the application were demoed live at the conference including the ability to:

  • Automatically convert to Active Textbook® from a textbook XPS or PDF
  • Inclusion of High-res media, video and animations
  • Bookmarks, notes, scribbles and support for interactive quizzes
  • Easy navigation with chapter list, media list
  • Free Web-based Silverlight interactive viewer
  • Keeps all author intent on content and layout
  • Vector representation supports unlimited zoom
  • Attachment: Office documents, HTML pages

"The Active Textbook® solution empowers the strategy of distributing electronic books in a format which provides both students, publishers and educators with new benefits and possibilities." comments Luis Fernando del Signo from Tralcom

Active Textbook® has already proven to be a robust application with the recent integration into several established Learning Management Systems such as IQ:on learning management system, Class Coordinator(Tralcom) and EDW International toolset.

Evident Point Software and EDW International announce an alliance to promote Evident Point's Active Textbook®

Evident Point, the leading Canadian developer of e-Reading software and XPS tools, and EDW International, a leading Italian provider of corporate publishing and e-learning, announced a partnership to promote XPS-based interactive corporate publishing and interactive textbooks for Education, based on the Interactive XPS toolset. "Combining the tools developed by Evident Point for Microsoft, with EDW's expertise in corporate publishing and e-textbook development is a win-win proposition", says Marco Meli, President of EDW. "The coming world of E-books in all domains of reading, including schools worldwide, requires the merging of publishing skills for paper and media, something which EDW has extensive experience having been in this business for over 11 years. We see Evident Point's experience with current e-reading standards and leading publishing technologies as a unique competitive advantage offering for our leading educational and corporate customers in Europe". "The alliance with EDW International will further strengthen our position on e-Reading market and facilitate Evident Point's expansion in Europe", says Yuri Khramov, President of Evident Point Software.

Evident Point signs contract with Sony (, one of world's largest and well known producers of commercial electronics.

Evident Point continues to expand into the flourishing e-Ink domain with this new contract with Sony and will develop an important and industry leading product for Sony.

"Adding Sony to our list of customers is a very important step for us. It is not surprising that Sony, one of the leading companies in the e-Ink market, chooses Evident Point as its vendor. This move is a testament to the achievements and depth of expertise of our team, and a recognition of our success in the flourishing e-ink marketplace. We are proud of our team and believe it will take the company to new heights." says Pierre Burns, Evident Point's VP of Marketing and Business Development.

About Sony: Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Its motion picture, television, computer entertainment, music and online businesses make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world.

Evident Point transfers the rights to RecordShare™ to Ocean Road Software Inc.

Richmond, BC - Evident Point Software Corp. and Ocean Road Software Inc. are pleased to announce the creation of a strategic partnership. The partnership incorporates the transfer of rights from Evident Point to Ocean Road Software to RecordShare™, a SharePoint-based Records and Document Management product developed by Evident Point. The agreement also establishes a services partnership between the two firms to provide deep technical and domain expertise to the marketplace. "We believe there are natural business and technology synergies between Evident Point and Ocean Road, whose core competency is in the Records and Information Management domain" says Yuri Khramov, President of Evident Point.

"We are excited to be partnering with Evident Point," says Douglas Onofrychuk, President of Ocean Road Software Inc. "We were looking for a well architected, functionally rich system to add to our suite of offerings. We were also looking for a partner with whom we could establish a services relationship to provide technical expertise to optimize solutions for our clients. The team at Evident Point meets both these objectives". "Together we offer a compelling value proposition for firms looking to implement an effective SharePoint Records Management solution that is DOD5015.2 compliant and provides email and electronic records management, advanced physical records management, federated retention policy management and imaging that can be deployed on-premise or on-demand".

About Ocean Road:
Ocean Road Software is an innovative provider of Records and Information Management solutions that assist organizations of all sizes achieve legal, regulatory and industry compliance requirements. For more information please contact

Evident Point signs the contract with Netronix, world's second largest developer of the E Ink screens.

The software will offer functionality to the end user that is beyond the usual set of functions for this type of devices. Evident Point has been selected by Taiwan-based Netronix for this pioneering project that will open new opportunities and broaden the market for the new Netronix's E Ink device.

About Netronix
Netronix Inc. ( is the designer and manufacturer of network products and multimedia peripherals, headquartered in Hsinchu/Taiwan. Netronix provides network and multimedia applications for customer's various demands including: Ethernet applications, Wireless products, NAS, and Multimedia products.

Evident Point gets the source code license for interactive XPS tools from Microsoft.

Redmond, WA - Microsoft grants the source code License for the Interactive XPS tools to its original developer, Evident Point Software Corp. This license allows Evident Point to develop applications on top of interactive XPS tools for third parties, as well as customize these tools for customers. The deal positions Evident Point as the top expert for development of interactive learning materials based on the existing textbooks and manuals. Potential customers benefit from using the expertise of the original code developers.

Evident Point signs another Document Management contract.

In co-operation with Quay Communications Inc., Evident Point is working on a contract to develop a document management system for Bombardier. We are pleased to use our RecordShare expertise for developing a custom Document Management system for Bombardier; such contracts are the "heart" of our business plan, says Eugene Nizker, founding partner of EP and project lead for the Bombardier project.

Evident Point delivers release 3 of the Internal Planning System to Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

In this version, Ritchie Bros introduces electronic Score Card system for its sales force, developed and deployed by Evident Point. "We are very pleased with the quality of the project that we delivered on time and on budget; we have no issues reported by the customer so far, after 2 month of the use of the system - it shows the quality of our work", says Yuri Khramov, president of EP.

Evident Point presents cloud computing solution at Microsoft PDC.

Evident Point presented its Record Management solution based on a pioneering Microsoft Azure technology at PDC, as one of the first applications that uses Sequel Server Data Services.

This pioneering solution offers basic set of functionality generally expected from a Records Management system. The essence of the offering is that a potential user does not to pay significant chunk of money for a solution, and then deal with costly and time consuming implementation. Cloud-based solution frees a user from expenses on hardware and additional personnel, worries over system availability, disaster recovery, etc. Virtually infinite system availability and nominal licensing cost, removing a product vendor from the picture and replacing it by one of the industry giants - Microsoft in this case - is the appealing part of the offering.

CIO Magazine publishes Eugene Nizker's Agile 2008 conference report "7 Agile Leadership Lessons for the Suits".

( "Eugene Nizker has returned with several suggestions for CIOs, IT managers and programming team leaders. This isn't the geeky stuff that developers talk about amongst themselves; rather, he explains the strategic adjustments that would-be Agile companies need to adopt," says CIO's Esther Schindler. The report discusses a wide range of topics including management of self-organized teams, the new role of an IT manager, the destructive effect of existing appraisals systems, and last but not least, the issue of trust that every IT manager should be concerned with. The report has been re-posted by a number of reputable Internet sources, such as ComputerWorld, ITWorld and NewsWeek. According to, and the article is rapidly becoming one of the most popular resources of its kind on the Web.

Evident Point's Envisage is promoted in Microsoft Application Development Catalog.

The summer issue of the prestigious MS Application Development Catalog features Evident Point's Envisage as the only tool in the "Project Management" category. Microsoft Application Development Catalog, published quarterly by Extension Media, is an essential resource for development organizations around the world using the .NET Framework and the Visual Studio family of products. Envisage is Evident Point's project life cycle tool that spans all phases of the development process. For the details please see here.

Evident Point and Microsoft start cooperation on SQL Server Data Services.

Evident Point developed RecordShare Light, an ultra-light-weight system for records management and document control, which uses SSDS as the backend. The system delivers much-needed functionality to this market including (for details see here):

  • Company-wide storage system with clear classification for electronic documents
  • Combined management for electronic and physical documents and records
  • Powerful search through all documents
  • Flexible reporting tools

Evident Point and Microsoft start cooperation on SQL Server Data Services.

Evident Point's efforts to port its flagship product RecordShare to SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) is endorsed by Microsoft. The quotation on the subject from Yuri Khramov, President of Evident Point, is placed on SSDS webpage: "We are very pleased with Microsoft's announcement of SSDS; we believe in the "commodization" of the web services in that area, and are excited about SSDS' road map. We also like the simple and schema-less interface that Microsoft team designed for these services."

Evident Point Software announces signing two more contracts with Microsoft.

"Evident Point is proud to cooperate with Microsoft in several breakthrough areas. Our expertise is sought after by leading teams at Microsoft due to the strength we demonstrated developing and implementing technology innovations. Working with this industry giant, we develop software that is of high demand around the world. This is an honour as much as it is a responsibility. Our team is fully prepared and equipped for this challenge." - Yuri Khramov, President and CEO of Evident Point Software.

Evident Point Software announces signing new contract with Apple.

"Working with Apple's innovative approach is always a pleasure for our elite team. This contract also means high level of responsibility, because we will develop software that will be used by millions of people around the World. We are proud to be part of Apple's efforts to bring innovation into everyday's life." - Yuri Khramov, President and CEO of Evident Point Software.

Evident Point Software is pleased to announce that it was selected by Microsoft and has started to develop components for Microsoft®Expression® Studio product.

Expression Studio, a professional design tools, released in 2007, allows the flexibility and freedom to bring user's vision to reality - whether designing standards-based Web sites, rich user experiences on the desktop, or managing digital assets and content.

"This contract is very important to us. Recognition by Microsoft re-asserts our reputation as an elite team, developing software used by millions of the developers all over the World. We are proud to be a part of Expression Studio team effort." - Yuri Khramov, President and CEO of Evident Point Software.

Ritchie Bros Auctioneers (RBA) is pleased to announce the successful deployment of the first release of their electronic system for annual action planning.

The system was developed by Evident Point Software in cooperation with a RBA team. This new system enables development and reconciliation of Ritchie Bros' worldwide annual action plans as a series of top-down and bottom-up interactions. The team utilized agile development methodologies.

RBA's Vice President of Auction Operations, Karl Werner commented on the achievement, stating: "Evident Point has been able to deliver a very feature rich application on a very tight deadline, in time for our 2008 action plan campaign. The system has proven itself during this campaign and we are impressed with the way Evident Point performs. We are very pleased that the Evident Point team continues to provide excellent service and product development for us as we continue development and deployment of our M07 initiates".

Yuri Kharmov, President and CEO of Evident Point, is proud of what his team was able to accomplish. "We enjoy working with Ritchie Bros Auctioneers. RBA is a very dynamic company, which means that the deadlines are always tight, and the requirements may change on the fly. A challenging and demanding environment is what makes the cooperation appealing to us. We are happy that we proved the strength of our team and our vision in these trying conditions. Our specialists enjoy working with highly knowledgeable business and technical team of RBA."

About RBA
Ritchie Bros Auctioneers (RBA, NYSE-RBA) conducts over 180 unreserved industrial auctions every year at locations throughout North and Central America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. This year the company will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Company headquarters is located in Richmond, BC.

Evident Point announces RecordShare™ at meeting of American Records Management Association in Vancouver.

RecordShare is a new full-featured Records Management System developed on top of Microsoft SharePoint 2007. It is an easy and simple, yet powerful alternative to complicated systems that can cost up to a hundred thousand and require several months for installation.

Yuri Khramov, Evident Point's President: "With the announcement of RecordShare, Evident Point becomes a real player on the hot RM market".

Evident Point and Microsoft have teamed up as Visual Studio Integration Partners on the revolutionary Envisage project.

This software is seamlessly compatible with the Visual Studio Team System and Microsoft Office. It simplifies and supports all phases of the development process by automatically generating test cases, project task lists, providing a customizable report system, and preventing document disconnection. Envisage is perfect for Analysts, Solution Architects, Developers, Project Managers, and Testers working with Visual Studio Team System.

CIO Magazine opens a blog space for Dr. Eugene Nizker.

This blog gives Evident Point's executive an opportunity to discuss Agile Development and get feedback from a broad audience.

CIO Magazine publishes Dr. Nizker's articles

Prestigeous online CIO Magazine publishes a series of articles about Agile software development written by Eugene Nizker, co-founder of Evident Point:

  • An Argument for Agile Software development
  • Agile Development: One CIO's Conversion to a True Believer
  • First Three Steps to Improve Software Development Process

Evident Point to develop software for a Fortune 100 company

Apple Inc., a software industry leader, signed a contract with PRJ Software Ltd. (now Evident Point), for software development.