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Evident Point’s lead developer introduces new ways to modernize annotation at I Annotate 2018

Evident Point's lead developer Juan Corona had delivered an amazing presentation and co-hosted a workshop with our partners from Hypothesis on how to make digital annotations useful in learning and research, also keep the ways of making and viewing in which manual annotation is so enjoyable. Evident Point strives to keep up with the emerging technologies in order to continue improving and offering Active Textbook users an even better annotating experience.

Evident Point is going to the Digital Publishing Summit Europe 2018

We are happy to announce that Evident Point’s founder Yuri Khramov is going to participate at the Digital Publishing Summit Europe 2018. Evident Point is excited to be a part of this event and to be able to share our experience & professional knowledge as Readium experts. We are very proud of the contribution our team is making to the Readium 1 and would be happy to share our expertise and provide commercial consultations to those building their own readers.

EPUB 3.2 Is Coming

The W3C EPUB 3 Community Group has started work on EPUB 3.2 spec. The main goal – gracefully roll back some of the changes in EPUB 3.1 and create a specification that is fully backward compatible with EPUB 3.0.1, while still retaining most features introduced in EPUB 3.1.

Evident Point brings open source annotation support to EPUBs

Evident Point, together with our esteemed partners, Hypothesis, NYU Press, Readium Foundation, and EPUBjs, is pleased to announce the successful completion of Hypothesis and Readium integration to bring open source annotation support to EPUBs through Readium.

Evident Point assumes responsibilities for overseeing and releasing Readium 0.28

Evident Point is pleased to announce yet another collaboration with the Readium team. We assume responsibilities for overseeing and releasing the next Readium version, 0.28. Readium 0.28 will provide readers and authors the ability to use annotation services, such as reading, adding, and sharing annotations in EPUB3, using them for navigation, holding discussions, etc. In addition, we are planning an integration of the new Streamer module (loading and ingestion of “raw EPUB”, generation of JSON “manifest”, etc.) with the current Readium code. Readium 0.28 will also include better support for the scroll view and a serious improvement of the CFI (Canonical Fragment Identifier) handling, especially in the continuous scroll view of the EPUB3 files. Evident Point will be working on most of these tasks and is open for additional requests from all interested parties (organizations and individuals); and agrees to work on the issue in an expedited manner.

Evident Point has joined publishing working group

Evident Point Software has joined the Publishing Working Group, by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), to work together with other organizations on advancing traditional publishing and Web standards. Prior to joining W3C, Evident Point was a founding member of IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) which was integrated with W3C in January 2017. The mission of WG is to enable every publication to become the first-class entity on the web. This group provides the technologies that are required to make traditional publishing as well as the web complete in terms of accessibility, usability, portability, distribution, archiving, offline access, and reliable cross referencing. Evident Point is actively contributing to W3C’s open-source projects such as Readium, which is the best way to read ePUB3 files – the most versatile, fastest growing e-book format. We are looking forward to trade ideas with industry and research leaders around the globe to build rich interactive experiences, advance the Web technology, and help lead the Web reach its full potential.

Evident Point brings Web annotations to Readium and ActiveTextbook

W3C has standardized annotations which is a step towards the right direction. Evident Point is working together with NYU Libraries, NYU Press, Readium and Hypothesis to bring annotation to EPUBs. By working together, this partnership will bring collaboration and cross-platform annotation to eBooks. Which is the next step in bringing hihg quality open annotation implementation to eBooks.

Active Textbook technology is now available with Sony DADC's User Rights Management System

At the London Book Fair, Datalogics and SONY presented an Active Textbook-based READynamic reading system with URMS (User Rights Management System). It's a new version of Active Textbook technology branded for DataLogics that offers the same interactive functionality and benefits of the original solution; and now with the integration of Sony DADC ’s URMS. The Sony DADC URMS, featured in READynamic, offers a powerful level of industry recognized security that will allow for full content protection, while offering the user flexible content control.

W3C officially releases Annotations recommendations

W3C publishes standards (recommendations) for Web Annotations, which makes annotations first-class citizens of the web. This is an important step in making annotations available on the web, cross-applications and cross-platforms. ActiveTexbook comments are mostly inline with the spec, and plan to extend the support for application-independent annotations.

See more info about the spec here: Annotation Architecture

Evident Point Joining IDPF/W3C

Evident Point has joined W3C community, namely W3C Publishing Business Group that will be working on development of EPUB and related Open Web Platform functionality going forward on a royalty - free (RF) basis. We also joined the EPUB Community Group, which has been as formed, the W3C / IDPF Combination was finalized, to ensure EPUB's maintenance and advance EPUB's further adoption.

New Features in ActiveTextbook 2.0!

Active Textbook new version is a deep re-work of our original 1.0 platform, and includes deep architectural changes, as well as very significant changes in functionality , encompassing all components. From the user point of view, the most important changes are:

  1. Complete re-write of the Portal, based on different approach
  2. Introduction of Digital Rights Management system, including the device control functionality
  3. Introduction of User groups
  4. Introduction of multiple sets of overlays, called “Extensions” of books
  5. Full support for the latest EPUB3.1 functionality
  6. Support for new OS platforms: Windows classic, Surface; Chromebook and Windows 10 support are coming
  7. Improved reliability and performance See the list in more details below.

General Functionality

  1. Full-featured DRM for all devices and Web has been implemented. It includes device tracking, session number limits, expiration control, etc
  2. The code has been reworked to present a clean API level, independent of the Portal UI. API support is extended to practically fool ATB functionality. Our experience with integration with numerous systems proved it to be reliable, universal and easy to use.
  3. API is now supporting all functionality, previously available only through the portal, including sorting, search, etc.
  4. 2.0 introduced the ability to have more than one “Extension”, ie set of overlays, per book.
  5. In the latest version the owner of the book can grant the permission to add extensions to this book and then distribute them
  6. UI for the local libraries (my books) has been completely re-written and significantly improved
  7. Books that have been looked at online become a part of the “my Bookshelf”
  8. The MATB format for saving, migrating and restoring ATB project has been introduced
  9. The “Widget” type of overlay functionality has been significantly extended; right now, most of the HTML snippets could be used as “widgets”. Specifically, the “gallery” , the “special query” and some other types were implemented as samples.
  10. EPUB3 spec support has been extended, and goes beyond the latest Readium code, making ATB the most functionally complete EPUB3 reader.
  11. In particular, we now support “media overlays” in EPUB3 books;
  12. We have much better CFI support for EPUB3
  13. Fixed EPUB3 format is now supported
  14. Proper pagination is supported for EPUB3 books (you can use either percentage or “standard” page numbers”
  15. Loans, timed leases are now supported
  16. Hierarchical Book categories support has been introduced
  17. Resizable overlay showing/editing windows
  18. Support sorting by Title, by Owner, by Author
  19. Filtering options, including per category filters, have been added


Portal has been completely re-designed and re-implemented, making it a modern interactive reading platform - see new portal spec.

PRO Portal

With version 2.0, we introduce the Professional Portal version - This portal is designed to support customizable interface, collect necessary statistics and control readers access and interaction. It is also possible to integrate the PRO cloud service with any third party sites using SSO . PRO Portal provides to professional users:

  1. API-based access to the ActiveTextbook server
  2. SSO support and OAuth 2.0 interface for connecting to other sites
  3. Content protection
  4. Extended support and flexible plans

Mobile Clients

  1. Universal applications for phones and tablets have been developed; they adjust automatically to the device.
  2. The structure of local storage on the devices has been completely reworked, providing much better reliability, smaller size, faster download from the server and faster upload to the application from the local storage
  3. New platforms have been added:
    1. Windows “classic” (7.0 and desktop apps on the later Windows versions)
    2. Windows Surface (so called “tiled” apps)
    3. Windows 10 Universal app (in development)
    4. Chrome book (only by request)
  4. Implemented full synchronization between local library and the server (included)
  5. Reading UX changed in accordance with other similar iOS apps, e.g. click outside the menu should close the menu, long press should select the word, etc.
  6. Video support became much more reliable, with the special code for partial download, resume, better codac support
  7. iOS 9 is supported, and the latest libraries are now used for the iOS and Android apps

Web Reader

“My bookshelf” is introduced to the Web version as well. Any book that has been bought, or downloaded, and every public book that has been read are now in my bookstore

Web Reader

  1. Downloading mechanism for offline reading on the clients has been completely reworked, making it faster, more reliable.
  2. Server Admin interface has been completely reworked based on Active Admin framework.

New ATB version as READynamic Plus presented at Frankfurt Book Fair

Datalogics presented the new version of ActiveTextbook under their brand name of READynamic Plus to a packed house at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany this October. Their presentation, in partnership with SONY, presented a reader on the Active Textbook platform that supports SONY DRM for EPUB3. The integration of SONY’s User Rights Management System (URMS) DRM offers the security of a well-known DRM system for eBooks distributed via ActiveTextbook that is a recognized industry standard. We are very excited about where the interest generated by the FBF presentation could lead!

Readium group has released version 0.24

New versions for Chrome Extension (2.24.0) has been pushed to the Chrome Store. The CloudReader on Surge has also been updated.

The release notes are here.

Piron becomes Value Added Reseller for Active Textbook

Evident Point is pleased to announce our partnership with Piron Corp for our flagship product, Active Textbook. Piron is our value-added reseller for Asia and the Middle East. Headquartered in New York, Piron is a leading provider of learning technology solutions. Evident Point and Active Textbook are a natural fit with Piron. Ankur Aggarwal, CEO of Piron Corp., explained that Active Textbook was the only platform he found that met his customers growing needs: supporting interactive digital content, enabling teachers to add additional custom material, supporting both PDF and EPUB based eBooks, and could be readily customized and integrated with various learning management systems.

ATB2.0 SDK a popular solution for textbook aggregators

Active Textbook 2.0 SDK is now available for licensing and is proving popular with textbooks aggregators looking for straightforward end-to-end eBook distribution system that can be customized to meet business and branding needs.

Recent customers have included SoftChalk (SoftChalk Cloud), EdTech Software (esco), NxtPUB (Access LearningTM), Delivros (eBookX) and Copia (Copia Class).

Open eBook App officially launched!

On February 24, 2016 Michelle Obama officially launched the Open eBook app. Specifically targeting youth in need, Open eBooks makes thousands of popular and award-winning titles freely accessible to low-income children and adolescents. It truly is a “library of opportunity.”As Readium experts, Evident Point began working on this project with the New York Public Library last summer. As it is based on Readium, the app allows children and teens to easily access the full text and illustrations of thousands of titles, which were generously contributed by publishers.

For more information please see the press release form New York Public Library: Open eBooks Opens World of Digital Reading to Children

PDF Alchemist at the PDF Technical Conference 2015

One of the main strengths of PDF files is the fixed visual layout. But what do you do when that fixed layout just won’t give you the results you want? Matt Kuznicki of Datalogics answered that question for the attendees of the PDF Technical Conference in San Jose, CA this week. Matt showed how to convert your PDF into HTML using Datalogics PDF Alchemist.

PDF Alchemist is a new SDK that is based on Evident Point’s PDF Unbound technology, and is available for all major platforms.

Evident Point and Datalogics enter into VAR agreement for Active Textbook

Evident Point is pleased to announce our distribution partnership with Datalogics for our flagship product—Active Textbook. Datalogics is the premier source for PDF and eBook technologies, and we have always enjoyed working with them as a technology partner. We are very excited to have this opportunity to bring Active Textbook to new markets.

For more information please see the full press release.

New York Public Library

Evident Point is pleased to work with the New York Public Library on the Open eBooks Initiative. The initiative seeks to make eBooks freely accessible to low-income children and adolescents. Publishers are making thousands of books available through the Open eBooks app, including classics and popular contemporary works. The Open eBooks app and the associated Library Simplified app both are built on Readium.

Datalogics releases PDF Alchemist

PDF Alchemist is a tool for PDF to HTML conversion that is based on Evident Point’s PDF Unbound technology. PDF Alchemist recovers critical text flows that may be lost during the initial conversion of the source document to PDF. The tool is written in C++ and is available as an SDK for all major platforms.

ActiveTextbook SDK Now Available!

Evident Point now has the ActiveTextbook SDK available for licensing. Contact us for more info!

Active Textbook iOS and Android Apps Available

Take ActiveTextbook with you! You can now get the iOS and Android app and have your books with you wherever you go. Download books on your device so you can read them later offline (without an internet connection).

Evident Point at BC Libraries Association Conference

Evident Point and Richmond Public Library co-presented at the BC Libraries Conference this May. The theme for this year’s conference was community. We were proud to present Create [&] Learn as a great example of a community-based publishing platform. Create [&] Learn was a hit with attendees and many stayed late to try out C&L in our workshop.

Young Drivers of Canada

Evident Point developed a custom platform for Young Drivers of Canada to expand and support YD’s Anytime, Anywhere eLearning Driver Training.

New Board Members for Readium Foundation

Evident Point is pleased to welcome the new board members to the Readium Foundation. Readium has grown to include over 60 member organizations from 15 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. We are a proud member of the foundation and glad to see it grow to represent publishers, IT companies, telecom/ISPs, and public libraries.

Evident Point is at the Microsoft Global Education Partner Summit in Redmond, WA

"The Microsoft Global Education Partner Summit (GEPS) is an annual event for select education partners to get an in-depth look at new technology, explore business development opportunities and have meaningful connections with Microsoft leaders and other partners. Participants will learn about current and future product and program roadmaps, experience hands-on demos, network with industry leaders, and discuss current trends in education."

Readium SDK v1.0 now available

Evident Point and are pleased to announce that version 1.0 of the Readium SDK has been released. We are very proud of the contributions made by our developers to the SDK. Readium SDK is an open source library available under dual-license terms.

Evident Point presents Create & Learn with Richmond Public Library

Evident Point is proud to announce Create & Learn for Richmond Public Library. Create & Learn is the new portal for community created content at RPL and is built upon the Active Textbook platform.

Intel® Education and Evident Point have signed a contract

Intel® Education and Evident Point have signed a contract for development related to the KNO group of products.

RM Education, the largest IT provider for schools in the UK, has released a new version of its learning platform based on ActiveTextbook

EvidentPoint has partnered with RM Books to convert e-books into "Active Books", presented using ActiveTextbook. An example “Active Book” can be seen here. The RM Books project is using "Active Books" to improve literacy and help get students motivated to read. RM Education will make the system available for school textbooks as well.

Evident Point has successfully completed an electronic training and examination platform for the Unified State Examination Centre of the Russian Federation ( USE)

Evident Point has provided a custom platform for the USE that allows for standardized training and certification exams for invigilators. Certified invigilators can then administer the Unified State Examinations for high school students and applicants to post-secondary institutions throughout the Russian Federation. More than 10,000 users have already registered and have begun using the platform. The platform can be accessed online here (Russian).

We've moved! Evident Point is continuing to grow, and we've relocated to a new office and doubled our office space to accommodate our team.

Our New Address is:
Evident Point Software Corp.
#130 - 3751 Shell Road, Richmond,
British Columbia, Canada V6X 2W2
Phone: +1.604.241.2711

Microsoft expands OneNote for iPad with code developed by Evident Point

To go with the successful launch of OneNote for the iPad, Microsoft has released ShareKit support for OneNote, developed by Evident Point. "We are passionate about making it as easy as possible for developers to integrate “capture to OneNote” capability into their apps,” said James Lau, the program manager of OneNote. Microsoft’s announcement can be read here. “We are excited that our code has been released and excited to continue working with the OneNote group on new projects. We are happy to participate actively in the development of Microsoft OneNote, one of the most promising projects at Microsoft” said Yuri Khramov, EvidentPoint’s CEO.

The OneNote app (now with ShareKit support) is available for free download for the iPhone, iPad, or windows.

Evident Point creates EPUB 3 Reader for ICBC's Mobile Driving Guide

Evident Point has converted ICBC's driving guide handbook to EPUB 3 format using our own document structure reconstruction software. We have created a fast, interactive, and highly customizable EPUB viewer embedded within the ICBC app. With the help of this high quality EPUB viewer, users can easily browse, take tests, revisit specific parts of a test, and a lot more. Download the ICBC licensing mobile practice knowledge test app here.

Readium has been rated most compliant ePUB 3 reading system for Chrome by

The latest version of Readium for Chrome, an open source EPUB 3 reader for which Evident Point is the primary developer, was found in testing by to be the most conformant to the EPUB 3 standard for both required and optional features. Readium for Chrome placed well ahead of the next closest reader in overall EPUB 3 compliance. For more information, please see the Readium press release.

Readium currently has around 250,000 active users.
You can download the application from here.

Evident Point presents PDF Unbound Technology at EDUPUB 2013

Evident Point CTO Dr. Philip Mansfield unveiled Evident Point's latest technology, PDF Unbound, at EDUPUB 2013 conference hosted by IDPF. PDF Unbound converts static textbooks into interactive EPUB learning materials. Philip demonstrated the technology, and discussed how the result can improve learning outcomes and connect learning sources, taking education to the next level.

You can view the slides of Philip's presentation here if you missed it.

Readium gets more than 120,000 Downloads!

The Readium Chrome Extension, a free reader for EPUB3 books, has passed the 120,000 downloads mark. Readium™, a project of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and its supporters, is an open source reference system and rendering engine for EPUB® publications. EPUB is the industry-standard open format for eBooks and digital publications. The latest version, EPUB 3, is based on Web Standard technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SVG, and the DOM. Evident Point is the main developer and “owner” of the Readium Open Source codebase.

Download the Readium reader here.

Readium Foundation Open Meeting to be Held in Frankfurt will hold an open meeting on Tuesday, October 8 in Frankfurt, Germany. The informal agenda will feature a summary of open source projects underway (Readium SDK, Readium.js, Readium LCP and a proposed EPUB preflight and accessibility checker tool), with most of the time dedicated to Q&A and open discussion.

See here for further details.

Catholic International Education Office ( OIEC) has started using ActiveTextbook as their publishing platform

Catholic International Education Office (OIEC) is using ActiveTextbook as their main publishing platform for distributing their books. OIEC, an international organization headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, delivers learning materials to 210,000 schools and 44 million pupils all over the world.

See their publishing page at

Film Connection Institute is now using ActiveTextbook for their online courses

The Recording Radio and Film Connection (RRF) provides one on one mentor/apprentice classes in film directing, film producing, screenwriting, editing, and general film production. Using the ActiveTextbook platform allows RRF to embed multimedia into learning materials and assignments, which is an indispensable tool for education in the film and radio fields.

Evident Point welcomes Dr. Philip Mansfield as CTO

Evident Point is pleased to announce that Dr. Philip Mansfield has joined the company in the role of Chief Technology Officer. Philip has played key leadership and technical roles in a number of software projects of global importance related to electronic publishing, including his work at Apple over the past eight years. Philip is a seasoned software executive with more than three decades of research and management experience, and we look forward to adding his expertise, vision and leadership to our team.

ActiveTextbook® Introducing New UI Enhancements and Features

We are excited to introduce new features in the latest version of ActiveTextbook. The Media Library feature can increase productivity and save space and time by allowing users quick access to their media collection for re-use of previously created interactive elements. The Media Library makes selecting existing interactive elements or creating new media items by dragging/dropping files for upload simple and convenient. We are also improving the quality of quizzes in ActiveTextbook by allowing users to add dynamic contents such as pictures, video, and audio clips.

Announcing Readium.js, a JavaScript Library for Browser-Based EPUB 3 Reading

Today announced that the Readium Web project is being refactored to deliver a JavaScript library for browser-based EPUB 3 reading. Currently in early alpha, the new Readium,js is a lightweight, compact client-side library. When complete, Readium.js will enable easy deployment of any EPUB publication from any web server to all modern browsers (mobile and desktop).

Evident Point is the main developer and the “owner” of the Open Source codebase for the Readium project

Readium Popularity Soars as EPUB 3 Gets More Prominence

Readium is an open source reference system and rendering engine for EPUB 3 publications spearheaded by International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Since the inception of the project in December 2011, Evident Point is the main developer and the “owner” of the Open Source codebase for the project. Readium proved to be a very popular software: as of March, 2013, more than 37000 users installed Readium on their systems.

Evident Point continues to contribute to the project and makes this development one of its top priorities.

New Version of Active Textbook® Just Released!

Check out our new version of Active Textbook® with new user interface enhancement and added features such as dynamic text, reading mode, and custom dynamic web content implementation. You can easily customize an interactive message by adding a dynamic markup or block of your code from any part of your website for demonstration within Active Textbook® coded in JavaScript or HTML.

Furthermore, you are able to look up words using built-in dictionary within Active Textbook® provided by Wordnik. Sign up today or sign in with your Facebook account with just one click away.

Get the most out of your Active Textbook® from now on and enjoy reading more with these new features.