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The most versatile, fastest growing e-book format is EPUB3, and the best way to read ePUB3 is with Readium. Readium is a free, open source, cross-platform rendering engine for digital publications in ePUB3 format. It is used inside many applications, including Adobe Digital Edition, RM books, and Evident Point’s own ActiveTextbook.

Evident Point’s Advantage

At Evident Point, we are THE Readium experts. Our experience as the primary developers behind Readium.JS and Readium for Chrome means that even our competitors come to us to build readers with Readium, and we have more Readium-based reader experience than anyone.

At Evident Point, we develop extended functionality for Readium, and can provide you with

  • a fully developed white-label eReader for PDF and EPUB3
  • an SDK, and our expertise in integrating the library with your tools and systems
  • various plugins for Readium.

With Evident Point’s SDK or white-label eReader you get all the benefits of Readium plus

  • extended annotation functionality
  • text highlighting
  • snap-to-word text selection
  • support for custom style sheets
  • Bookmarks
  • Enhanced navigation tools, including navigation using page thumbnails
  • in-text comments and notes
  • Indexing and
  • multimedia overlays — attaching images, videos, text or interactive widgets to hot spots in the text
  • identifying all in-text pictures and adding functionality to allow the user to click for a higher resolution image to popup
  • support for footnotes and endnotes.

We can integrate all of this functionality into your application — on any platform and in any programming language. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the custom solutions we offer.