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Our customers are industry leaders who demand the highest degree of technology expertise and quality workmanship. At Evident Point, we offer superb technical solutions to ensure our customers stay on top of their business objectives and long-term goals.

  • Microsoft
    Jeff Dirks (Director)

    You [...] have done great work with the iXPS tool through its initial development. Every time I demonstrate iXPS to a publisher they understand immediately what it can do for them and are interested in using it.

  • Cambridge University Press
    Eric Barber (Innovation Director)

    We felt you understood our needs very well and your pricing was also competitive.

  • Omni Group
    Ken Case (Founder & CEO)

    Evident Point is fantastic: we simply described what we needed, and they delivered a solid solution for us ahead of schedule. We'd work with them again without any hesitation.

  • EdTech Software
    Jeff Campbell (Director of Technology)

    As an ebook implementation service provider for K-12 schools, we were looking for an ebook platform that was full-featured, easy for students and teachers to use, and worked both online and offline on all the popular devices in education. The ActiveTextbook team has been a great partner in meeting our needs. They have a solid product backed by excellent and timely support, and they have steadily worked with us to enhance the ebook reader to best serve all our users.

  • Unizin
    Etienne Pelaprat (Chief Technology Officer)

    As a higher education content provider, we have requirements that tend to surpass conventional content delivery scenarios. We worked closely with Evident Point to customize the content experience of our consortium members. They were dedicated, reliable, responsive, and produced great work. Wonderful partners.

  • Delivros
    Thomas Dumm (Managing Director)

    What made us decide to license and brand the Active Textbook application is the feature set that the application has "out of the box" […] During the use of the application […] we also highly appreciated the fact the team at evidentpoint.com, the developers of Active Textbook, is very familiar and interested in the needs of schools in higher education.

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