3 Reasons Why You Need to Implement ActiveTextbook at Your School

Has Your School Implemented ActiveTextbook Yet?


3 Reason Why You Need to Implement ActiveTextbook at Your School

 Foster Collaborative Learning

ActiveTextbook has revolutionized the learning environment by allowing Instructors and students to start conversations within the eBooks they are reading! Students can use the comment boxes to start discussions, give feedback, make notes/comments, and ask questions from the instructor or other students. This feature helps students to challenge, develop, acquire, and check ideas; and also motivate each other to study and learn quicker. In addition, it is an avenue for participation for students who do not feel comfortable sharing their thoughts in a traditional classroom setting.

Embed Textbooks with Interactive Elements

ActiveTextbook takes learners from reading to interacting by allowing Instructors to embed textbooks and other course materials with videos, images, audio clips, texts, attachments, links, and interactive widgets in order to liven up the text and further encourage students to study. In addition, this eReader allows learners to make notes, highlight the text, bookmark pages, and use the built-in dictionary as well as the text-to-speech feature. Furthermore, learners can share their books with others, which gives students a window into how others study.

Add Quizzes to Existing Textbooks

With ActiveTextbook, teachers can add Multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank and open-ended questionnaires and quickly analyze in what areas students have demonstrated learning gaps. The online quizzes also allow instructors to see if these learning gaps are class-wide and to use this data to improve the assessment process.

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