ActiveTextbook Is Now IMS LTI Certified

We are pleased to announce that ActiveTextbook has now passed the IMS conformance testing for the LTI certification and is now guaranteed to meet IMS Global’s standards:

What is IMS LTI certification?

IMS Global is a non-profits member collaborative that provides a foundation on which innovative products can be rapidly deployed and work seamlessly together. The IMS LTI certification goes beyond meeting minimum requirements of the LTI launch protocol; this certification demands more features and capabilities that are required by the specification, which was intentionally made to be flexible so that it can be used for different purposes. The IMS LTI certification aims at getting the most out of interoperability between Learning Management Systems (LMS) and external systems, and therefore needs more capabilities than the specification. It also requires the supplier to commit to resolving problems and providing ongoing support for the educational institutions.

Benefits to educational institutions

The IMS LTI certification ensures that the integrations are secure and that educational institutions maximize the usability benefits of the LTI advantage extensions. Institutions get to choose the best learning tools for their needs knowing that their learning platform and the external educational technology tools work seamlessly together.



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