Discussions beyond the classroom

One of the unique features of ActiveTextbook is that it allows users to add comment boxes to the books and initiate discussions with others. ActiveTextbook is a great addition to Learning Management Systems (LMS) since it allows comment boxes to be created inside the books, which is unlike most systems, where discussion boards are typically located in a separate folder.

With our platform, students are able to share their ideas anywhere, any time. They also have the opportunity to reflect on their thought and check for spelling before posting a comment. Furthermore, the platform is a valuable tool for students who don’t feel comfortable speaking in classrooms.

ActiveTextbook is a great learning technology tool for students to develop habits of collaborative learning, as it fosters a learning community and takes some of the workload away from the TAs and tutors by offering peer learning opportunities.

How to use this feature

Instructors can create an engaging learning experience by strategically placing comment boxes in different sections of the textbooks in order to spark conversations between the students. In addition, students can use this feature to make notes for their personal use, ask other students questions, or provide feedback to their peers.

In order to add comment boxes, users can simply highlight the word, sentence, or a paragraph, and click on the “Create comment” button.

A comment box will then pop up, where users can start a conversation or ask a question from students, instructor, the TA, or anyone who has access to the book.

After the comment has been created, others can see it by simply clicking on the highlighted section. The comment box will show the name of the person who created it, as well as the time and date. Other students can contribute to the discussion by simply writing in the same comment box and engage in an ongoing conversation within the books they are reading!


  1. Thomas Dumm on July 10, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    It would be nice to see a notification in the notifications center as soon as others place a contribution to a comment.

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