How Can Active Textbook Help Students Who Are Struggling?

It is no secret that studying can be challenging: browsing through endless textbook pages, taking notes and highlighting half of the page with a yellow sharpie.“Sometimes studying is boring, just deal with it” is what students are taught to accept as an inevitable rule. But does studying actually have to be boring?

Sometimes, it can be. However, with Active Textbook students can reduce those occurrences to a minimum. 

1.  Active Textbook lets you add images, videos and other interactive content.

You already know that. But do you know how much time students spend watching YouTube videos while trying to get their things together and come back to that long reading they were assigned? Hint: quite a few hours. If, however, reading materials are already supplemented with videos that are engaging, fun and short, – it is a great way to keep students interested.

2. Manual labour of taking notes and highlighting important sentences is reduced to minimum.

In Active Textbook, users can highlight and take notes, add comments and make scribbles, but the difference is that they can do it right in the reader.
It is much easier than looking at the monitor, simultaneously taking notes by hand, or constantly moving between tabs to open the Notepad. Believe it or not, but all these actions are quite tiring when repeated for many hours just to have your Notepad freeze, resulting in multiple hours of studying lost.

3. You will never lose your progress in Active Textbook.

Frozen apps and lost progress, frustration, 5 stages of grief. Sounds familiar? It sure does to many students who forget to hit the “Save” button. ActiveTextbook does not only let you write comments, notes and highlight right in the reader as you read through the pages, but it will never lose your progress. Active Textbook automatically saves all the changes you make to your document, so users don’t have to worry about forgetting to save their work.

These are the three ways of how Active Textbook can help students who struggle with studying.

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