Interactive Solution for Corporate Training

Corporate training programs are designed to bring all the employees to the same level of knowledge and skills that is consistent with the company’s standards. In the technology era, training methods such as one-sided presentations typically lead to having disengaged audiences, and therefore, are not the best solutions anymore. Nowadays, it is crucial to have interactive training programs to enhance learning experience and have satisfied and well-trained employees from the very beginning. As it is often said, employees are company’s best assets, and thus, companies need to take advantage of their own talent by increasing productivity and engagement as much as possible. With an effective and engaging training program, new workforce would likely become high-performing and motivated employees in the long run.

Motivating employees to participate and engage in the corporate training programs have become very challenging, and that is why ActiveTextbook provides an engaging platform for companies to integrate interactivity in their training strategies. ActiveTextbook provides convenience for users as it allows for easy access to training materials from desktop and mobile devices.
In this blog we will look at different features of ActiveTextbook that are designed to improve employee engagement and learning.

  1. Easy implementation

Most established companies already have a great deal of training materials, and thus, developing new materials from scratch can be very costly and time-consuming for them; that is why ActiveTextbook allows users to upload their current learning materials (in the forms of PDF and EPUB) and enrich them with interactive elements such as videos, audio clips, images, links, attachments, etc.

Corporate trainers are able to create extensions of these learning materials and share them with new employees and others within the organization. This feature provides an easy way to create an effective and interactive training program that is consistent throughout the company. Corporate trainers are also able to continue making changes to materials and enhance them with audiovisual and interactive elements even after the documents have been distributed among the trainees. Furthermore, the platform allows multiple authors from around the world to make changes to the documents and share them with peers across the globe.

  1. Feedback

Studies show that about 79% of employees who quit their jobs mention lack of appreciation as a key reason. Nurturing a working environment where giving feedback is encouraged, will motivate employees to continue to learn and perform better. ActiveTextbook enhances giving/receiving feedback by allowing users to communicate with each other from within the books or documents they are reading. Users are able to create comments and discussion boards in the PDF/ePUB documents and have ongoing conversations with the trainers. Feedback from employees can also be used to evaluate the training strategy of the company and to make changes to it whenever it is necessary to maximize ROI.

In addition, ActiveTextbook offers integrated analytics and reporting to provide detailed information on how organization’s materials are being used. It is easy to share learning materials within the organization at a variety of permission levels, and to have accurate feedback on usage of training materials. With this platform, it is easy to monitor Progress and engagement of trainees

  1. Tests and quizzes

ActiveTextbook allows instructors to create responsive quizzes and examinations to test the knowledge of new employees. Corporate trainers have the option of making the test results available right after employees finish the examinations or post the results later on. When employees are aware of which areas they need improvement in and the areas in which they excel, they are more likely to stay engaged and motivated.

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