Page History: Now, where was I…?

Have you ever seen a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book? It’s a game book where the reader gets to assume the role of the protagonist in the book and make decisions. The book will direct the reader to page X for decision A or page Y for decision B and the reader gets to play out the plot. It is designed so that, once you make a decision and flip to a certain page, it’s not easy to go back to the page you were on before. This is exactly what was happening with Active Textbook with our efforts to help people navigate freely around the book. Bookmarks, hotspot summary, and table of contents were focused on bringing people to specific pages without a way back. This just wouldn’t do! In the newest update of the software, we’ve added a feature to track your previous page so that you can go back to any place in the book as easily as you left it. Now you can flip pages without fear!

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