Bring your textbooks to life

ActiveTextbook is a tool that lets you enrich digital documents with supplementary material, while keeping the elegance and convenience of the originals. Our white-label PDF and EPUB reader is an end-to-end solution for creating, distributing and reading interactive eBooks.

Create an engaging reading experience by adding interactive elements like video, audio, images, text, and more to existing books or documents. Use ActiveTextbook to read, learn, teach, or publish your books and documents online — it's easy!

Using ActiveTextbook


Enrich your books with multimedia content like video, audio, pictures, quizzes, and widgets, and tailor learning material to the needs of a particular group.

Empower and engage your students and readers with the study tools they need, including comment threads to discuss a topic right in the book, scribbles and bookmarks.

Customize & Build

Integrate with your systems and build your own workflow with LTI protocol and API calls.

Have content protected with granular book access control and choice of DRM and Sony URMS.

Build your own reader and mobile applications with our SDK.

Access Everywhere

Enjoy cross-platform support on mobile devices and access books online or offline.

Upload books, articles, or any other documents (in PDF/ePub format) to the cloud, with just a click of a button!

To inquire about customization options, talk to us!

Hear From Our Customers...

At Evident Point, we understand that our customers demand the highest degree of technology expertise and quality workmanship. That is why for products like ActiveTextbook, we take an individual approach for every customer, working closely in order to meet the expectations and ensure high quality of work.


Educational Institutions

The best learning outcomes happen when the learning is interactive and the student is involved. ActiveTextbook makes that goal easier to achieve. Educators can adapt existing textbooks to the specific demands of their classroom, receive feedback, and update on the fly. Commenting, quizzes and self-assessment tools bring the student actively into the learning process.

Additionally, ActiveTextbook is designed for integration with learning management systems such as Blackboard and Moodle, and allows for simple organization of assignments, quizzes and assessment reports delivered hand in hand with the learning material. And ActiveTextbook’s commenting system can allow for easy interaction between educator and student.

Corporate Learning

ActiveTextbook’s authoring tool is ideal for designing engaging corporate learning materials. In addition, ActiveTextbook can be configured to bring extra value to corporate learning through interactivity and reporting. Interactivity allows projects to receive input from participants and also to monitor progress and engagement.

ActiveTextbook has integrated analytics and reporting to provide detailed information on how your organization’s materials are being used. It is easy to share learning materials within your organization at a variety of permission levels, and to have accurate feedback on usage.

Online Stores

For publishers and distributors of digital documents, ActiveTextbook is a tool for adding value to your products. Imagine a book on cinematography with illustrative movie fragments seamlessly integrated into the text body; a treatise on audio recording with embedded sound; video narration or annotation for a classic text; a workbook with interactively solved problems.

With ActiveTextbook’s easy-to-use yet extremely powerful authoring tool, enriching the standard document format is an opportunity not to be missed. All the while, all material on ActiveTextbook is protected from unauthorized copying, keeping the rights of authors safe.

Clubs & Associations

ActiveTextbook makes it easy to share source materials in a group setting. Multiple readers can introduce new source material to the group, and then annotate it with indexes, references, hyperlinks, and multimedia elements to clarify and expand the meaning of the original document.

ActiveTextbook’s commenting system lets all members join the discussion. Reading clubs, historical societies and other groups united by common interest can benefit from this collaborative approach to storing, sharing, and analyzing documents online.

Try it for Free lets you try out the platform, allowing members to generate content as well as having a repository of enhanced materials, based on a “freemium” model. Learn more about the features ActiveTextbook offers, sign up, and start getting more out of reading by visiting

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