Readium 0.28 Has Been Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Readium 0.28. This new version of the EPUB reading system can be used in different browsers and embedded into browser apps.

One of the main components of this release is the implementation of a plugin, which provides integration with the framework of annotations and bookmarks. The integration will provide readers and authors the ability to use Hypothesis annotation services, such as reading, adding and sharing annotations in EPUB3, using them for navigation, and holding discussions. The Readium CloudReader has now been enhanced to provide support for the annotation and bookmarking client/server infrastructure, a collaborative effort by Evident Point Software, NYU, and

Another major component of this release is a large number of improvements to the CFI (Canonical Fragment Identifier) handling, page layout, and navigation, especially in the continuous scroll view of the EPUB3 files. Readium 0.28 includes a large number of bug fixes that results in significant improvement in navigation and performance.

We would like to thank Ric Wright, Daniel Weck, and all the other contributors for working hard to make the release of Readium 0.28 possible.

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