Readium 0.31 was released.

We are excited to announce the release of Readium 0.31. Important to mention that while the work on “Readium 2” and Readium Web is continuing, “Readium 1” is now viewed to be in “maintenance mode”. This means fixing high priority bugs such as crash, data loss, etc., with no new features being developed or planned. As a part of the improvements and enhancements in this release, Readium updates include:

Chrome App:
As a consequence of Google deprecating the Chrome app framework and well as changing the underlying framework, this is the final release of the Readium Chrome app. The newly released 0.31 warns users through a modal dialog of the final Chrome app release, and encourages users to find a new app for their eBooks. The dialog also contains a link to the page of, where users can find the complete list of Readium-based apps.

Readium Cloud Reader:
A number of minor fixes and changes to the build process, which are not visible to end-users, were implemented in the new release.

The source code for 0.31 has been pushed to master, as well as a master branch of the repos has been tagged with 0.31.

Several new builds have been released, including CloudReader and Chrome App. Furthermore, the release notes for 0.31 and preview of 0.32-alpha have been updated as well.

Release 0.32-alpha:
The developer branch is now tagged as 0.32-alpha, however, no ETA for its release is available yet. As mentioned before, the 0.32 will only be pushed if and when the sufficient number of bug fixes needs to be fixed.

No significant changes in this release.


Thank you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below.

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