W3C Has Published Three First Public Working Drafts

The W3C Publishing Working Group has published three First Public Working Drafts (FPWD), and Evident Point is ensuring that ActiveTextbook is compliant with all three. According to W3C, the three drafts are as follows:

Web Publications – A collection of information defining the structures of Web Publications in a way that user agents are able to provide user experiences that are well-suited to reading publications. These user experiences include features such as sequential navigation and offline reading. The Web Publications include the default reading order, a list of resources, and publication-wide metadata.

Packaged Web Publications – A packaging format for combining the resources of a Web Publication [wpub] into a single portable file, allowing it to be transported and stored independent of any specific address or protocol. A Packaged Web Publication does not have to have a specific URL accessible via HTTP, and therefore not have to originate from the Web. It only needs to conform to Web Publications.

Web Annotation Extensions for Web Publications – An extension of the foundation model that has been developed in the Web Annotation Model by adding selector types applicable to collective resources and a new model component for describing positions in text and byte streams. “This extension provides methods for selecting a segment of a collective resource that itself contains or is composed of other discrete and individually identifiable resources, even when the segment of interest spans parts of more than one included resource. The common model for selection as described in this specification makes it easier to provide generic and interoperable tools and APIs to handle selections in various applications.” Evident Point’s work on adding Hypothes.is annotation for EPUB is the first implementation of this spec!


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