We are cooking something up for you!

Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting up with two lovely ladies: Lenny Yun, a Langley School District Liaison and district teacher, and Susan Cairns, the executive director of the Langley School District Foundation.

The reason for the interview was simple – we wanted to find ways of making the life of students better.

By collaborating with a national non-profit organization that helps schools provide students with healthy breakfast options, like “Breakfast Club of Canada”, Evident Point team members strive to contribute to the student community. After all, we know that knowledge doesn’t come easy on an empty stomach.

As participants of the Breakfast Club of Canada program, Lenny and Susan kindly agreed to provide Evident Point team with the necessary insights. It was our turn to start asking questions! Who comes up with the recipes to make breakfasts nutritional? How can we replace the taboo products with alternatives? Do students have creative freedom over the menu? Would technology be helpful in the process?

We learned answers to all of these (and even more) questions, which inspired us to start working on the perfect solution to simplify the process of making, shopping, requesting and learning.

If we sparked your interest, stay tuned and keep following Evident Point for updates and to learn where the magical solution comes from!

We are excited, are you? Are you helping any non-profit organizations? What are they?

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