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Will Jim be able to Find a Solution to his Training Requirements?


As promised, here is Part II of yesterday’s article titled ‘ Jim is Facing some Real Internal Training Challenges. Are You?’.

Today’s article is a continuation of that article, so In case you haven’t part I of this article series, read it here.

Yesterday, I shared that Jim is facing some real problems.

In fact, just last week, Jim had an extended discussion with his CEO. The message was clear. The company was looking to cut costs in every way possible, and that meant reducing costs for running on-boarding programs. They needed a way to establish themselves as a company that is technologically progressive, sustainable, and customer focused.

Jim was given a deadline to come up with a way to revitalize his internal training program to deliver a higher ROI with reduced upfront costs.

Immediately, Jim gathered his trusted trainers and called for a brainstorming session to identify requirements immediately.

From their session they determined that their ideal training solution would address the following factors:

Simplicity in content authoring-The team identified that the solution would have to be simple and streamlined. They recognized that they did not want a system that required extensive platform knowledge or coding.

Hence, the team envisioned that a system that has simple drag and drop features and an easy to use interface and intuitive design would make the process of training material creation easier.

Interactivity- Since a majority of the training would involve product knowledge and customer interaction, the team agreed that the presence of dynamic and engaging content such as videos, quizzes, surveys, and rich audio would allow them to showcase customer interaction demos, product demos and obtain training feedback, increasing the effectiveness of the training module multifold. In other words, having an interactive solution would allow the company to engage with the trainees before, during, and after the course ends.

Reflowable and mobile friendly-  According to Google, “
Mobile has forever changed the way we live, and it’s forever changed what we expect of brands. It’s fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. Each one is a critical opportunity for brands to shape our decisions and preferences”.

However, the training team strongly believes that this phenomenon wasn’t just restricted to customers, but also to their workforce since a large majority of them are tech savvy millennials.

Having training materials available on mobile and optimised to any device would allow the new trainees to tap into critical learning moments whether at home, in transit, in the corporate classroom or on the retail floor. 

Analytics- With the rapid 360-degree growth of the Internet, measurement and analytics has become increasingly critical. For example, analytics would allow the training team to monitor individual trainee learning patterns and identify the most vs least engaging part of the training module. They would also be able to assess how and when the trainees access the training material, providing them critical feedback for future content creation.

Collaborate and access controls– The team recognised that online collaboration would be critical to timely delivery of new training material.

Their ideal platform would seamlessly allow for the provision of approvals, updates or feedback by the concerned representatives and would reduce the delays that normally accompany cross-functional projects.

For example, once created, the training material could be quickly be passed onto various departments such as marketing, product development and legal for approval before being introduced to the trainees.

Furthermore, access controls would allow the training team to decide who gets to see what, based on how confidential the material is.

Going by the popular marketing catch phrase, “If you sell to everyone, you actually sell to No one”, access controls are also critical in order to avoid overwhelming new-hires with the complete set of training material. Jim agreed that offering a customised training experience and pushing only the information that is most critical to the trainee’s needs would dramatically improve the entire training experience.

For example, a newly recruited customer service representative wouldn’t receive technical support related training documents.

The bottom line:

Well, that was a little glimpse into Jim Farmer’s life, a customer persona whom we really want to help.  Jim is a professional experiencing a real challenge due to the rapid change in technology and demographics, and an increase in competition and costs.

In such a situation and with so many moving parts, most decision makers don’t take action and postpone decision making till the problem becomes too large to handle. Quite frankly, this doesn’t necessarily have to be just Jim Farmer’s story. This could be you story too.

Our product Active Textbook has all the features that Jim Farmer desires in his ideal solution. We enable you to take your employees from reading to interacting, by helping you create interactive eBooks in a way that is simple and streamlined.

Here at Evident Point Software Corporation, our development team possesses an immense pool of expertise focused on digital publishing software. We have contributed code to Adobe Acrobat, PageMaker, Microsoft Reader and several Apple applications.

We have also worked with local Canadian organisations such as Young Drivers of Canada, Richmond Public Library, and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

Yuri Khramov is a co-founder of three software companies. Schema Software engaged in software R&D for top application vendors (including Microsoft, Apple, Corel and Autodesk) and was acquired by Apple in March 2005. Evident Point provides custom professional digital publishing solutions to clients around the world.

So if Jim Farmer’s story resonates with you, and if you would like further information, you can reach out to Tiffinie at 604-241-2711 for a free 30-minute consultation.

 If you are facing difficulties with digital publishing and eLearning, let us help you conquer your challenge and delight your customers and employees!



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